Bookkeeping in Poland

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There are some rules concerning accounting when you run business in Poland. I would like to show you the most important issues in my point of view.


Account books are kept in the Polish language and currency.


An undertaking should possess documentation describing in Polish the accounting principles (policy) adopted by it, including in particular those relating to:

  • the definition of a financial year and the reporting periods included in it;
  • the methods for measuring assets and liabilities and for determining the financial result;
  • the bookkeeping techniques, including at least:
    • an internal chart of accounts specifying the general ledger accounts, the rules adopted for classifying events, methods for keeping subsidiary ledger accounts as well as their links with the general ledger accounts,
    • a list of the account books and, in the case of computer-assisted bookkeeping, a list of data files comprising the account books on IT data carriers, specifying their structure, their mutual links and functions in the organisation of all the account books and in data processing,
    • a description of the data processing system, and in the case of computer-assisted bookkeeping, a description of the IT system containing a list of software programmes, procedures or functions, depending on the software structure, along with a description of the algorithms and parameters as well as the data protection mechanisms provided by the software programme including, in particular, the methods of data access control as well as the data processing system, and, moreover, the designation of the software version and the date it came into use;
  • the system for protecting data and data files, including accounting vouchers, account books and other documents underlying disclosures made therein.

The manager of an undertaking defines and updates the above mentioned documentation in writing.

In matters left unregulated by the provisions of the Accounting Act, when adopting accounting principles (policy), undertakings may apply the domestic accounting standards issued by the Accounting Standards Committee. If no relevant domestic standard is available, undertakings may apply the IAS.

Keeping account books

Account books should be kept by an undertaking.An undertaking may outsource bookkeeping to a company or person who is certified accountant.

Place of keeping account books outside an undertaking’s head office

In the case that account books are kept outside an undertaking’s head office or place of management, the undertaking’s manager is obliged to:

  • notify the relevant revenue office of the place where the account books are kept within 15 days of releasing the account books;
  • ensure the availability of the account books along with accounting vouchers for authorised external inspection or supervision authorities at the head office or place of management of the undertaking, or at a different place with the consent of the inspection or supervision authority.

Source: “The Accounting Act” Translation Joanna Adamczyk

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Bookkeeping in Poland

There are some rules concerning accounting when you run business in Poland. I would like to show you the...